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Food Find: Natural Instant Pudding Part 2

Out with Cat this past weekend and I came across instant pudding mixes by Natural Desserts. We picked up a chocolate and a vanilla for testing, using the chocolate for this recipe.

This is the only instant pudding mix I have come across that is dairy free. It is also corn, wheat, eggs and soy free – so it will work for many diets. And of course has no artificial dyes or flavorings. It can be made with soy or rice milk so is vegan friendly.

Mocha Pudding:

I opted for regular dry milk and added in espresso powder as well.

For instant pudding it is 2/3 cups dry milk (1/3 cup dry milk + 1 cup water = 1 cup liquid milk, so if you use soy or rice, just use how much powder is called for to make 1 cup liquid). Pack that up with the pudding mix and 1 tsp espresso powder for mild to 1 Tbsp for a more mocha flavor.

Add 2 cups cold water and shake for 2 minutes, or use a small wire whisk. The pudding set up incredibly well, it was thick when the two minutes were up. Most instant puddings need to sit in a cold stream or snowbank to finish chilling. Topped the pudding with Emerald Glazed Pecans.

Find the pudding mix in natural food grocery stores or co-ops.