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Food Find: Suzie’s Rosemary Crackers

Suzie’s Rosemary & Sesame saltine crackers were a recent item I came across while shopping at a natural foods store. 6 ingredients make for a simple cracker – and all organic as well, imported in from Italy. You might be thinking…”saltines?” but hey….at 100 calories a serving that is a nice snack to go with a hot cup of soup this fall. The other nice thing (outside of the lovely rosemary flavor) is that each serving is individually wrapped, 8 crackers each. It makes it easy to dole out what you want to take and as well keep fresh while hiking. And if you catch fish…crushed saltines can make a great crumb coating before you fry the fish!

Amazon carries the crackers as well: Suzie’s 100% Organic Crackers, Rosemary Sesame, 8.8-Ounce Packages (Pack of 12)


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