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New Additions To The Trail Library

Recently added to our extensive trail cookbook library were these titles:

Billy Joe Tatum’s Wild Foods Field Guide and Cookbook

Trailside cooking

Backpacking: A Hedonist’s Guide

Complete book of outdoor cookery

The book contains such hilarious late 1970 era photos as the one above. Nothing like cut off jean shorts, baseball shirts and the lady out fetching the water, eh? 😉

Outdoor Cooking: From Backyard to Backpack

For campers only: Sewing & cooking (Fun time activities)

The book was aimed at a junior audience and is fully illustrated. I love the 1975 era drawings.

Eating Hearty in the Wilderness With Absolutely No Clean Up: A Backpacker’s Guide to Good Food and Leave No Trace Camping

And I have a couple more on the way. Always fun to add them to the library!