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The Well Equipped Trail Baby: Sweet Tater Review

There is so much excitement when little ones start eating solids! Walker is fascinated by food and if you wander a spoon by him of nearly anything he will try to get a free lick in and he loves nothing more than sitting on Daddy’s lap licking filet Mignon…but who doesn’t?. Of late he has been trying out “first foods” and getting different tastes in. With traveling and hiking I am always looking for shelf stable items that carry well. Walker and I tried out two brands of sweet potatoes, both organic and in pack friendly containers. Most baby food comes in glass jars so these are great options. And yes, I tried them as well. No cheating there, firm believer that if I can’t eat it, no way should my little men!

Walker all clean and wondering where lunch is:

Sprout is a line from chef Tyler Florence that comes in ‘tort’ packaging. 1 ingredient only: sweet potatoes. It comes in a 3.5 ounce pouch which for small eaters is 1-4 meals worth. The bag has a resealable zipper and a pleated bottom for easy stand up access:

Gerber Organic 1st Foods Sweet Potatoes. It is a 2 pack, each container is 2.5 ounces with a lid that will cover it after opening – but that does not snap tight. They contain sweet potatoes and water:

I found these bowls at a Wal-Mart, in the baby feeding aisle, for $1 or so. They come with snap on lids that stay on tightly, actually they would work well for adults as well! They were a great buy, hidden on a bottom shelf. The long handled spoons, Munchkin Soft-Tip Infant Spoon, are perfect for babies and could in a pinch work for FBC meals. Just saying!

Sprout on the left, in the purple bowl, Gerber on the right in the yellow bowl:

There is a major difference upon opening with the two brands. The Sprout is thick, with a rustic hand prepped appearance where the Gerber is thinner, softer. This isn’t a bad thing either way but one has to know what their baby is ready for. Babies not quite used to solids will take the Gerber with more ease, swallowing it is more like milk. The Sprout though is a better choice when they are older and you are trying to keep traveling baby food similar to how home made baby food appears.

Walker trying the Sprout out:

With the Gerber he grabbed the spoon and did his own feeding :-p

Now then, what did Mom think of it? I personally preferred Sprout. Heck, it was GREAT! Rich deep flavors and the thicker texture didn’t scream “baby food”. I can see why adults with eating issues have been turning to Sprout for nutrition. It is that good. The Gerber was passable to me, but…honestly it has a watered down taste due to the thinner texture.

Walker liked them both and was eating back and forth willy-nilly with no cares, getting orange veggies all over himself and playing with his spoons. I don’t think we can quite trust his opinion yet 😉 After all he thinks his tootsies also taste great….

Now though…on price and availability? Gerber would win there. The organic line is found in many grocery stores, Target carries all of them. It runs $1 to $1.50 a 2 pack. Sprout is harder to find and runs around $1.25 to $1.50 a pouch. Price wise Gerber is a better deal overall. I preferred the Sprout packaging but due to the portion size, Gerber would win for being smaller. Still, in another month or two I won’t have to worry about waste, Walker will eat that pouch in one sitting.

So consider them for the well fed trail baby – and do your own taste test!


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  1. I wish they had these options when I was packing my babies around! I hated carrying glass jars on the trail. I’ve heard good things about the Sprout line, as far as taste goes. Way to go, Walker, for eating your veggies!

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