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PB Sammies – A Food Find And A Hiker Trash Version

I had been looking awhile for the Peanut Butter Company’s Easy Squeezy™ packets and finally came across them last week in a massive Super Wal-Mart in Tennessee. I found it in Smooth Operator and Chocolate Dreams, in single serving packets. The Smooth Operator is in 1.5 ounce, Chocolate Dreams in 1.15 ounce size.

I made up sammies for Kirk and I at the lovely Collins Creek Picnic Area. The concept of the picnic areas in the Great Smokies is interesting, they are the size of a campground and the one at Chimneys would pass for a campground. Individual sites, drive up access. Built up like a tent pad even. The Collins one is on the North Carolina side of the park, pretty far down, much lower elevation. It was very quiet and we stayed there for quite some time enjoying the trees, the leaves rustling and the quiet. The quiet was mesmerizing as so many areas in the main part of the park were NOT quiet. Even mid-week and in non-leaf peeper season I was drained by the sheer mass of people. Out in the PNW you just do not see that even in the heart of summer.

But we were intrigued by the “Quiet Walkways” the park has built. A neat concept that other parks should have! The concept being areas with limited parking and a trail to nowhere, just in pretty areas where you can leave the car behind and your worries melt away. There was a very pretty one at Collins Creek that we took the time to explore.

Did I mention the first half our trip it was quite cold? I was glad we had packed cold weather gear along with shorts and short sleeved T’s! Bundled up making sammies:

The first I had Peanut Butter Company spreads was a good 4 years ago, on a trip in Montana I found a jar in a remote grocery store of the Chocolate Dream. It was fantastic and unlike any of the other chocolate nut butter spreads that have since appeared on the market. But finding the single serving packets had been elusive. Happy I was to get them!

Now what was that about Hiker Trash food? You know the type: frugal, cheap and wanting to get on the road. No last minute stops for them. So they stay in a motel or hotel the night before and hit the continental breakfast. With breakfast they grab a bagel or a couple slices of bread, two mini packets of PB and a couple jelly or jam packets. Bonus points for scoring a plastic knife. Stash it in a bag and hit the road and first day’s lunch is nearly done 😉

Mmmmmm……freebies. OK, they are not really free cause you paid a ton of money to stay in a hotel!

PS: I’d say that buying the premium PB is well worth the money though. Taste wise it is unparalleled to the cheap stuff.