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Recipe Testing In The Smokies

Kirk, Walker and I spent a week at Great Smokies National Park and during the time I cooked up a couple recipes I am testing for upcoming books. It was a great way to have filling lunches on cool fall days! So due to flying we packed our favorite White Box alcohol stove and picked up a container of yellow HEET for fuel when we got on the road. This made for easy packing. About all else packed was a simple pot, cooking utensils – a GSI ReHydrate spoon and a set of To Go Ware’s bamboo set.

Kirk tending the stove and pot:

In this one pot meal we did a spinach tortellini:

Cooked and ready to make the sauce (which was a simple DIY instant powder mix we came up with), which used the leftover water from cooking. I was able to make an entire 8 ounce package in a 1.3 liter pot:

Adding in the dry mix:

Easy to mix up:

If I have learned anything when doing many dayhikes in a week with testing is that disposable bowls are your friend:

The recipe for Florentine Tortellini was very good and very much a winner – it is heading for the manuscript!

The next lunch I worked on was for a FBC friendly vegetarian meal, Chickpea Marinara served over rice:

It turned out well but needed a bit more sugar and salt we decided. It was a hearty meal though and has great potential after another try out:

Recipe testing is always fun when hiking, especially on cool days in the fall!