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Wandering In The Smokies: Part 3

It was midweek for our trip and the weather was still slated to be iffy. Both Kirk and I were pretty tired overall and decided that maybe we’d get lucky and the weather would get nicer. So we headed up to Newfound Gap for a small hike on the AT. Well….it was pretty close to as cold as before but the lingering snow from earlier was gone at least!

The last time I stood on the AT was far too long ago. Late fall of 2003 at Harpers Ferry, WV Ford and I had walked a bit. He was 6 then and toddled behind me….so it felt fitting to have Walker with me. Now if I can get him on the CDT before the snow can I call him a Triple Crowner? 😉

The forest that you start off into, going towards Charlies Bunion was lit up by the sun, but oh did the wind howl.

We had Walker in a warm outfit – sleep n’ play footed outfit, fleece jacket and more, covered by a blanket and he was still very cold. I was to the point where if a trailside stand had had wind proof outfits for $200 I’d have paid it. Lesson learned painfully. The wind was much different than at home.

Kirk going by a “Whiteblaze”:

There was one section of trail where there was no wind. It was delightful…well that didn’t last long! Popping over to the other side it was shaded and considerably colder. And more wind. That wind never let up.

Kirk is from the Mid-Atlantic region and has hiked many a mile on the AT. We got to talking about the differences between it and the PCT. The rocks amaze me, the trail goes over them or cut into steps. The trail tread is also narrower. Truly the PCT was built for horses not humans first. It is wide, groomed and rocks/roots are removed. In a way it was like being on the old Cascade Crest Trail in Washington (which wasn’t built to be a super highway like the PCT is now).

A cold little baby ready to be warmed up in the van upon return:

A last pose by a “Whiteblaze”:

We were all cold and after doing recipe testing in the afternoon we headed back down to town for a lazy afternoon. After all…..it was vacation! I had laundry to do and the thought of laying around watching TV sounded good.


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  1. Beautiful pictures and it is great that you are taking the little guy along with you, he’ll remember it forever. I miss New England.

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