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Food Find: Two New Pouched Tunas

Finally showing up in the Pacific Northwest is the 2.6 ounce single serving pouches of Yellow Fin Tuna in olive oil. It boasts 190 calories, 13 grams of fat and 18 grams protein with 300 mg of sodium. The calorie content is double versus water packed and has 12.5 grams more fat.

Add this to your meals for a tasty treat and no need to carry olive oil packets. Use it in our Spicy Tuna Linguine for a satisfying meal.

Also out is an exciting find: Lower Sodium Chunk Light packets! At only 130 mg of sodium for the 2.6 ounce pouch this is a great find.

Starkist also has a Lower Sodium Albacore in pouch that has a screaming low 70 mg for the whole packet. I haven’t come across that yet but will be looking!

Both of these lower sodium options will be great for trail lunches.


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