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Food Find: Fiber One Chocolate Mocha Bars

Ever had that need for a bar to eat while hiking that sticks around in your stomach? Leaving you feeling fuller? Consider the Fiber One bars:

The bars (which we sampled in Chocolate Mocha) are a hefty 140 calories each (1.4 ounces), 4 grams fat, 2 grams protein, 95 mg sodium and 9 grams of fiber. That hefty dose of fiber will fill you up and satisfy you for longer.

Fiber One has done a good job with bars – they are moist, chewy and have actual taste. They don’t taste like a bar of under cooked grains, more like a candy bar with grains.The chocolate mocha flavor is pleasing, neither too sweet or strong.

But realize that they are extremely high in fiber so you only want to eat them with a LOT of water! The fiber is from Chicory Root extract. While they taste great you may want to try them at home first to see if your stomach can handle the extra fiber, it can cause discomfort at first.


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