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Food Find: Pretzel Crisps

We recently received a goody package from the folks at Pretzel Crisps, As I opened the box up I wondered what I would think of the snacks. Pretzels have for me always been the last option of snackery choice. Kirk on the other hand was excited, he loves pretzels. I had seen the Crisps before (in the older style packaging) at the delis in our local markets but my pretzel hang up had kept me from ever trying them.

And I will say this: these are not run of the mill pretzels. I was won over by the 4th flavor we sampled. Intensely flavorful, crunchy, crisp and all natural – meaning I could actually try the whole line! The bags are generous, a large 7.2 ounces which have a resealable zip top. Should you get crumbs, well top a rice or pasta dish with them for crunch and flavor.

Flavors: ClassicCinnamon ToastTuscan Three Cheese.

Flavors: EverythingOriginalSesame.

Flavors: SupremeGarlic ParmesanBuffalo Wing.

Cinnamon Toast served up:


The Cinnamon Toast – is that hybrid of lightly sweet and crunchy. It isn’t overly sweet either but still cures the craving. I could see eating them with a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast or a trail mocha.

Buffalo Wing – has a hint of heat. This is just made to go with a hearty chowder!

Everything – it has a savory taste of seeds, garlic and onion. Have them with a Southwest Chicken Corn Wrap and lunch is complete.

The only downside is do read the back – the tasty Tuscan Three Cheese flavor is also a salt bomb (but what a tasty salty snack!).


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