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Love Peanut Done Savory?

I love peanut butter – it is affordable even if you buy the good stuff – it is fatty and a good source of calories and protein. Having said that you can swap in most other nut butters in the below recipes. Unsalted cashew or unsweetened sunflower butter work well if you  have allergies.

Spicy Peanut Sauce – A base sauce to toss with pasta, have over rice or use as a dipping sauce.

Quick Asian Peanut Sauce – a DIY sauce made up of easy to carry shelf stable packets.

Thai Style Peanut Noodles – Easy to make, you can make it vegetarian friendly, add in chicken or make it gluten free.

Asian Chicken Slaw Wraps – Crunchy, fresh food for the trail.

Chicken Satay Rice – An FBC friendly meal.

Double Peanut Noodles – featured on Justin’s Nut Butter website.

Yummies for the cold fall!