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Food Find: Mo’s Bacon Bar

While at Whole Foods recently I was checking out new items and even things I had seen before but hadn’t given a spin. One that caught my eye was mini bars of Vosges Chocolates. The large bars are quite expensive at around $8 for 3 ounces and a gamble as well. After all $8 is a lot to spend if you are not sure you will like a flavor (An example? A couple years ago I encountered another brand where the flavor was curry. That was not a good experience!) So when I saw the mini 1/2 ounce bars I picked one up:

The chocolate is wrapped in a sturdy foil liner, which for hiking you can easily toss the box and just carry it this way:

“Never Lovelier”:

Broken in half, so you can see the bacon in the chocolate:

I liked it, my friend Jared was not into it. While I liked the play of sweet/savory for him the bacon ruined the chocolate flavor. So it is a treat that one will either rave about or hate. Having said that I can foresee me having it again at some point.


One thought on “Food Find: Mo’s Bacon Bar

  1. Back in another life and another time, I took plain bacon bars with me while canoeing and backpacking and they were an enjoyable part of my food routine.

    It has been a long time since I’ve seen any locally and actually stopped looking until after this paddling season and I was going through my post tripping review of what worked and what was starting to get long in the tooth.

    The bacon bar fell out of the recesses of my memory bank and now I see your reference to a new form of bacon bar. I’ll have to put some energy into updating the old favorites to help shake up the menu.


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