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For The Heavy Packers – Old School Throwback

While I love to use dried eggs when on trips (and they have gotten a lot better in taste over the years!) I can say that there are certain recipes where fresh eggs just simply taste better.

For example, lets say you get a sudden hankering for Chicken Fried Rice or for Spam-Tastic Fried Rice next weekend:

So after loading up your large 2 Liter non-stick pot, cooking oil and large spoon for stirring you start thinking about those eggs. So how do you carry them? Well…you can always cut down the cardboard box they come in. You will need to pad it though as one end will be open (a serrated knife such as a steak knife cuts the box quickly). Another way is to wrap them a couple times in paper towels and tuck into your mug tightly packed. Or you could go old school and get one of these:

Ironically while the larger egg carriers that Coghlan’s produces are clunky, the 2 egg holder isn’t. It is a simple design, tuck 2 eggs in, close the lid and it snaps tight. It is even recyclable down the road. At $2.25 at REI it is also cheap. It easily fits into a mug or small pot and allows you to carry those tasty eggs without breaking, protecting all sides. And at 1 ounce…well, of all the gear needed to make those tasty meals it actually is pretty light 😉


5 thoughts on “For The Heavy Packers – Old School Throwback

  1. I took some eggs into the backcountry just this past September, planning on making breakfast with them on the first morning, but when morning came, I didn’t trust that they were still good. So I packed them out and threw them away. 🙁 Any advice on timelines or how to keep an egg good for a couple of days if it’s in a refrigeratorless pack?

  2. They would have been fine, though I can well understand the fear. The key is freshness – buy your eggs as fresh to hatching as you can, not ones that have been on the shelf for a month beforehand. If you know someone who raises them, buy those instead. You can easily go a couple days provided you leave them in the shell – and don’t wash the shell before leaving. Only in recent times have we started refrigerating eggs.
    Having said that though I wouldn’t carry them in heat waves or hot climates. But in cool off season? Go for it!

  3. Haha, yeah, no cooking the eggs while still in the pack!

    Thanks for the tip! Hopefully my next breakfast will not be prepared from a pouch. 🙁

  4. One idea that I have picked up is to repack the eggs in a used Pringles can…wrap the eggs in napkins or bubble wrap (if you have it). The eggs will keep well, and the container will fit nicely in your pack.

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