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Food Find For Trail Babies: Happy Baby

Walker tried out another brand of ready to eat baby food with packaging that is aimed at the ‘to-go’ crowd. With identical packaging to Ella’s Kitchen that we recently reviewed, Happy Baby is another player in the organic baby food market. I hadn’t realized that the caps on the stage 1 and 2 meals are recyclable, knowing that now, I will send them to the bin when we get home! All the stages only require a spoon (well and a bib and plenty of towels….but that kind of goes with baby territory. And safety goggles when they razberry you as the food is incoming….). Stages 1 and 2 are squeeze pouches that you shake up and squeeze out as needed onto the spoon. As with Ella’s this is very convenient and prevents double dipping (where as with traditional packaging if the baby doesn’t a lot you need to spoon it out into a bowl so as not to cross contaminate with drool). The stage 3 foods are in a pouch with an opening, similar to Sprout brand, except for they do not have a zip top for re-closing, so baby must eat all in one sitting.

Banana Kiwi:

The stage 2 foods are quite thin, almost a mix of juice and solids. Older children could easily suck on the container and have it like applesauce! Just with no mess. The flavors though are very bright and fresh tasting, Walker enjoyed it. I can see tucking these into our pack as a refreshing summer snack.

Beef Stew:

I suppose if I wanted to I could just suck it up and do more of my own baby food (which I did this week):

But hey, with all these choices life on the go is easy! The foods taste so much better than they did a decade ago (even a couple years ago!) and the packaging is fantastic for those of us who like being active with our kids. And Walker likes all of it – be it homemade or commercial.


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  1. Thanks for posting about Sprout and our re-sealable zipper pouch!
    It’s the only one where you can use terracycle.net to send the pouches in for free to make the packaging into other products so they don’t go in a landfill (and you can contribute 2 cents to your favorite charity!)
    Stage 3 – Advanced Meals with Texture – are 12 of chef Tyler Florence’s newest, delicious recipes, with some in HEB and select Walmart locations across the country now, and more to come in other retailers – both off and online.

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