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Food Find: Tribe Hummus

I really like Tribe Hummus – I have mentioned it before back in 2008 about their individual packs (which I still am buying at Costco!):

And I continue to find it one of my favorite commercially prepared hummus spreads:

So what does this have to do with hiking you might ask? Well, for one it is fall/nearly winter meaning that in many parts of the Northern Hemisphere one can carry hardy semi-perishable items once again (of course if winter means it goes from 110° to say a balmy 75° please ignore this column. If though it is 38° out and you are wearing a Nordic sweater sipping chai tea, please continue reading on.)

Hummus is a great ingredient for hiking. It doesn’t get ‘solid’ and hard in cold weather (thanks to the oil), it spreads easily, it is nutritious and pairs well with a wide range of carbs (crackers, pitas, tortillas) and you can pile on the goodies. Kind of like mayo, just not gross 😉

In cold weather it packs well and frankly, if one is going to eat hummus it should taste good. I do use powdered instant hummus in the dead of summer but even homemade dehydrated hummus is nowhere as good as fresh. You have to doctor up the dried stuff to taste half way decent (Curried Fruit Hummus is a good start).

So for me at least I celebrate fall with eating what I really like. Some roasted red pepper hummus on a piece of Naan bread with Swiss cheese makes a tasty afternoon snack. Ford loves plain hummus with turkey piled on. Just make sure it is a brand you like – my reason I love Tribe is that it has a very smooth texture and isn’t overly ‘hippy’ tasting. And then start creating. And dare I mention one of my fave winter meals? It is odd but tasty – warmed up hummus over rice. Yeah, it is an acquired taste to say the least!


2 thoughts on “Food Find: Tribe Hummus

  1. You can also get hummus in shelf-stable tetrapaks containing 1.76 oz under the Wildwood Garden brand. Thus available even when it’s hot outside, though it does make the trash heavier.

  2. Yes, I had written about those a couple years ago when the blog was on a different server (the blog entries didn’t come over). They are quite nice, though they have a sharper flavor. You can get them via now!

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