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A Recipe From Past Years

Kirk and I were talking last night when he prompted my memory of a recipe he made for me many years ago. We were hiking on a nasty day, in pouring rain, in the North Cascades. It was November so it was also very cold. He pulled out a freezer bag of dry couscous, dumped in some cold water and sealed the bag, tossing it in his pack. 30 minutes or so later we were munching happily on a filling couscous salad. No stove needed either!

If you own Freezer Bag Cooking: Trail Food Made Simple you will see the recipe on page 38, Spinach Couscous. You can though make it with any flavored soup mix, I decided to revisit it today and made it with KnorrĀ® Cream of Leek dry soup mix. Kirk likes his made with plain soy milk powder, I prefer Nido dry milk. One twist I added in this version was to use the new(ish) pouches of tuna that are packed in olive oil. More flavor that way!

It is a tidy recipe and simple, 1 freezer bag and 1 pouch of fish.

Add cold water and let sit and then you have an easy lunch or dinner.