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Food Find: Wings Of Nature Bars

What is a tiny bar in the growing organic market that will have you actually wanting more?

Wings of Nature™ bars! Kirk and I had a chance to try out all three of their flavors and both of us agreed we’d love to carry them while hiking. The bars may seem small at 1.4 ounces (40 grams) but pack a powerhouse: 170 to 180 calories, 10 grams fat3 to 5 grams protein and fiber as well. With clear packaging you can see exactly what you are buying as well (bonus points for that) and they have a good shelf life.They are cold processed, gluten free, and both vegetarian and vegan friendly. Did I mention they use agave syrup for sweetening? (Yeah, I love the stuff! See here for my agave sweetened chocolate pudding, which if one likes to do show off treats on the trail this one can be made with dry milk, dairy or otherwise!)

Price wise they are not bad, if you purchase a box from the company direct (they are still hard to find) they are around $1.33 each. Compare this with the price on other bars in the same level and you will find them more affordable.

Espresso Coffee:

Chocolate and espresso together and neither taste artificial nor overpowering. The naturally dried raisins are pleasantly chewy and the rice cereal crispy. I have tried many a bar over the years (as our readers only know too well!) and this bar would be in my top 5. For me the smaller size was perfect. And that it wasn’t overly sweet nor densely packed. One thing that turns me off quickly on bars is when they are compact hockey pucks. These are not.

Cranberry Crunch:

Kirk enjoyed the texture of the Cranberry. He liked the combination of soft chewy berries to the crisp texture of the cereal, nuts and seeds.

Almond Raisin Bar:

The only thing we didn’t like was opening the packaging. The plastic ripped nicely till it hit the stickers (on both sides) and then stopped. But that is a small price of momentary frustration for a very nice product. As for finding them local I would bug your local Whole Foods to carry them!


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