Caving Into Winter: Warm Buns For Baby

Walker hit 7 months at the end of October and with it was overflowing his infant car seat ( 1 year use? Yeah…if your baby is in the 10th percentile maybe!). So we realized we had to get a ‘convertible car seat’ that fit the baby up to a couple years and with that we had to quit using the car seat adapter with our BOB Revolution Jogging stroller. With winter coming on fast I knew from the years of taking Ford out that we needed something for his back. Otherwise in jogger strollers the cold/wind goes right through it freezing the child. Kirk ordered Walker a BOB Warm Fuzzy, which is a shaped piece of faux sheepskin. It is pricey for what is but it is designed specifically for the BOB’s harness system.

I had it installed in a couple minutes. What it really improves is how babies fit into the stroller. The BOB is aimed at bigger kids more so than babies (you can carry much older kids in them with ease) so often the baby seems ‘lost’ in it. What the Warm Fuzzy does is fill it in, same as padded liners do for car seats. The baby is able to sit up more comfortably and is padded on all side. We also installed the toddler tray onto the car seat adapter though he is still too young to use it. Soon enough though!

Close up of a warm and happy baby:

Overall I’d say it was worth the price. I had no real desire to sew a liner by hand like I did for Ford for his jogger 13 years ago. I had thought about it and not having to draft a pattern, do fittings, etc made it worth the cost. So here is to getting out this winter with the little one. Now I just need to wait for his Sammy Sack to show up and we will be outfitted!