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Food Find: Me & Goji

Kirk and I recently had the chance to try out Me & Goji’s custom artisanal cereal. And you might wonder what that has to do with outdoor food? Well I for one love cereal when hiking (pack cereal in a sandwich bag, add in a couple Tbsp of dry milk, be it dairy, soy, rice coconut cream powder…and at chow time add in a cup of cold water. Seal bag and shake till dissolved. Eat. We are all about easy living here at TC!) But as well….with creativity one  can come up with a cereal that is really a trail mix – and a fab one at that. With the chance to create my own custom blend I got busy online and created The Choco Bomb! (recipe ID 227678):

Pssstttt: Does your cereal give you that many calories and not be labeled ‘Sugar Bombs’? 😉

Yes, that is a mighty big tube of cereal! Weighing in at a shy 30 ounces it is a solid canister full of goodness.

So here is how it works: you go online to their website and pick a base (be it regular or gluten free options) and then add in options that sound scrumptious. Yes, the more you add the pricier it gets. But oh… it worth it. Hand Packed cereal/trail mix that is fresh, vibrant and full of flavor.

So what does The Choco Bomb! have in it? Choco-Granola (oats, agave syrup, sunflower seeds, chocolate, coconut, raisins, gojis, mulberries, sesame seeds and sea salt), Chocolate chips, Cocoa dusted almonds, Choco covered cranberries and dried Strawberries.

Jealous? You should be:

This is an utterly addicting snack you would never find in a grocery store. I love the concept enough that I think I will be hinting to Kirk that someone he loves should be getting a Cereal Of The Month Club membership for the holidays (I love getting goodies monthly!)


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