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6 Years Ago

6 years ago around this time I was sitting on the bank of the Skokomish River with a group of friends.We’d often go out for crazy trips of freezing our butts off. The Skokomish is in Olympic National Park and we took over the campground. Our entertainment one night was a ranger driving a moped around a zillion times trying to run it out of fuel for winter. He asked us “family reunion?”. Oh why yes! A family of misfits…hahhah!

Scary is all the kids in this photo are teens or adults now. They grow up too fast!

We had been on a cold hike that day and stopped for lunch. I pulled out a recipe I had made up. It was for Cranberry Chicken Rice. The recipe worked, it was easy. I was hooked. Talking with my friend Tori we knew we were onto something – easy recipes with little cleanup. And from that moment along that river I knew where I was going. And thanks to everyone who has supported us along the way it has been a great 6 years of hiking, backpacking, presentations, meeting new crazies to bring into the “family” and most of all? All them recipes! All that food! FBC was born that day and a year later the first edition of Freezer Bag Cooking came out:

So thank you to everyone. Kirk and I appreciate everyone who has spread the word over the years.


To Jer, you are so missed by all of us. Hobo Ridgrests and all – I loved hiking with you. If I am grateful it was that we got to know you for those years. You always made everyone laugh on trips.

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