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2010 Shopping List For The Trail Cook

Consider this a random list of things that Sarah likes – the items have been in either her, Ford’s or Kirk’s packs. They are not matched items and vary from UL to heavy weight packing styles. One thing about them all is that they work and or taste good. If you are looking for fun items for yourself or for loved ones take a look and you might see something you haven’t tried before!

The Petzl E99 PI Tikka XP 2 Headlamp:

This versatile headlamp was a gift to me from Kirk, as a replacement for my 8 or 9 year old Tikka that was verging on dying. It does everything one could want in camp and offers ease of use. Though one should look for sales, Kirk paid half of the going price. Petzl makes a wide range of the Tikkas, offering different choices of styles and features from $20 to $50. At this point I cannot imagine not having a headlamp, once in camp it is on my head till bedtime (and on long days being worn the last 2 miles till we find what passes for a campsite in the dark….)

The Guyot Designs Squishy Bowl and Cup Set.

Kirk picked these up about 2 years ago. While they are the lightest choice, they are durable and multi-purpose. If you are into Faux-baking for one this makes a great addition to your pot set. You can make a most excellent brownie in them! They also work for serving up Chai Ginger pudding:

Speaking of pots, one of my favorite sets out there is the MSR Quick 2 System Cook Set. This is the type of set for the gourmet trail cook who likes dinking around in camp. Yes, it is overkill in some ways but is a set designed to take a beating and keep cooking. Just don’t take it on UL trips is all…… (see here for our review)

Cooking in one this fall:

I have been a big fan of Starbucks VIA coffee since it debuted, the flavored/sweetened version this fall simply made me a bigger fan of it. Starbucks VIA® Ready Brew Caramel Flavored Coffee Yes it is a bit pricey and some might claim it is over roasted but this PNW ex-barista loves it. It is also extremely easy to prepare and no grounds to pack out:

Speaking of food, two years out and my favorite go-to cheesy snack item is PackitGourmet’s Cheddar Jack Cheese Spread:

Triscuits always make a good base, as long as one doesn’t drop any on the baby…..

Another food item we love is Sunbutter packets:

This light tasting spread is peanut free and did I mention tasty?

So there you go – our short list of fun stuff we like!


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