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Food Find: Stevia In The Raw

I have a thing for stevia and was thrilled when last weekend at the Kalaloch Lodge’s dining room what did Kirk spy but:

Ooh, Stevia In The Raw™ in packets. If you love stevia at home you will love this in your cup of tea or coffee on the trail.


3 thoughts on “Food Find: Stevia In The Raw

  1. The Stevia In The Raw brand is definitely the best tasting out there, compared to the giants moving in on the sweetener business, such as Truvia (another brand). Stevia is a herb and only in the past couple years has it started being sold commercially as an “easy to use” sweetener (before it came in a powder form where you only needed a pinch, but due to being so pure it turned many off – with a licorice aftertaste.) The packets don’t have that after taste.
    It is a great choice for diabetics as well 🙂

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