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Book Review: Yukon Solo

Our local library has an active Friends of the Library and have a well stocked year round book sale in the back of our library. I try to check it often as I have come across some rare gems over the past couple years. Last week paid off when I came across (for 25¢!):

Yukon Solo, published in 1984 about Karel Dohnal’s adventure of canoeing from the headwaters of the Yukon River to the Bering Sea in 1973. The book is written from his journal he kept for 66 days, along with many photos. It is an interesting read (I picked it up and read it one sitting, while the baby was sleeping!). He took his trip at the end of a way of life for the of people in Alaska, change had already come and during his trip the Alaska pipeline is confirmed that it will be built. Between his loneliness, his encounters with locals, with very old folk and even hippies trying to make a go at it you will keep reading.

On a side note it was interesting Googling the author and finding out that after many years in the US he returned to his native country upon the fall of communism in Czechoslovakia.


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