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Last night Kirk and I were watching a vintage episode of Connections, from back in the late 90’s.The show is beyond fascinating, from its early episodes in the 70’s and on, you will learn some quirky things you might not think about.

Anyhow, at the end of one of the episodes he is talking about how one thing led to another and he mentions how refrigeration led to the ability to make paraffin into candles, that then led to wax paper being created. Oh really? That caught my ears.

So why is this important? Here is why: often you will read “green” websites or folks touting green ways that one should eschew plastic baggies when hiking or for food storage and use….yep….wax paper or wax paper bags.

So one has to ask: just why is wax paper any better than plastic bags? Is it?

So I went looking and even the “green” brands do not list what their “wax” is made of! They tout that they use unbleached paper but on the wax nothing is mentioned. Is it petrochemical paraffin? Or beeswax paraffin?

So what occurred to me is that while wax bags are burnable (hence no garbage to pack out on long trips) it doesn’t mean they are any better of an environmental choice if they use oil based wax. My feelings have long been that for food storage while hiking, use bags that are light and durable. Plastic bags might not appear to be the best choice but one thing they are is durable, water tight in most cases and don’t leak when zipped up.


One thought on “Everyday Things To Ponder

  1. I love Connections. There’s a few bootleg copies of shows on YouTube.

    Good catch on the wax paper. Next time I happen across an avowed green on the trail, I remember to ask. I’ll let you know what I discover.

    Merry Christmas and hope Santa is generous to you and your family.

    – Timothy

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