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New Wonderland Trail Map Out

A little while ago I was excited to hear the news about the newest Mt. Rainier map that was being debuted by Green Trails. Green Trails is the king of hiking maps out here in Washington and Oregon, offering highly detailed topo maps that are overall accurate and most of all…show mileage! (nothing worse than a map that has a line and no mileage listed….GT are well known for ease of use.) The only real downside of GT maps are that they print them on paper. Paper that isn’t tear resistant nor waterproof. I have replaced my most used maps 2 to 3 times at this point. When you fold them they crease and disintegrate over a seasons use, especially becuase you need to carry them in a bag to keep them dry.

Before this there was 3 Mt. Rainier maps – East, West and a blow up of the Paradise area. As mentioned I have chewed through a number of them over the years, while hiking all over Rainier and the Wonderland Trail. The new map is 269S and covers ALL of Rainier and the Wonderland Trail on Side A:

Side B has a bonus map that is a blow up of Paradise plus the entire glaciated area of the mountain for climbers, including major climbing routes:

You get the equivalent of the original 3 Rainier maps for $10 (the 3 maps ran about $15 to 16 total) in a waterproof, tear resistant 1.9 ounce package. It also includes an elevation profile of the Wonderland Trail (don’t look or you will want to cry 😀 ), where the backcountry camps are located, front country exhibits, picnic areas, a sidebar listing major trailheads with GPS waypoints and you want more? Do ya? Well not only all that but you get the Pacific Crest Trail on Side A going from Hayden Pass (near Big Crow Basin and the Crystal Ski Area) all the way to a few miles from Hwy 12 (White Pass). The PCT is so well laid out it is much better than the other waterproof PCT map produced via the FS.

I can only hope the use of the new material for the maps becomes the way for Green Trails. I’d happily replace all my overly loved maps for them to last longer. Anyhow, if you have Wonderland Fever this winter DO pick up the map, it is a must take item and well worth the cost.


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  1. Hi Sarah, I’m just beggining to plan a wonderland trail hike now for middle of july. That map 269s sounds like just what I’m looking for. I can’t seem to find it anywhere except right from GreenTrails and I have to buy 6 maps in order to get the one I want. Any suggestions?

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