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Getting Baby Out: The Sammy Sack

In the past 9 months I have written a lot about my never-ending love affair with the BOB Revolution jogger stroller. For good reason, it is what gets me outside with Baby Walker and it is such a solid piece of gear. I am happy with spending my winter putzing on our vast system of rail to trails here locally – the BOB and all our goodies with it allows us to take Walker out snug and dry, protected from the elements. We added a Warm Fuzzy insert which stopped the cold from coming through his back and made the seat well, plusher, but also makes it easier for a small baby to not slump. But our last addition was well worth it – The Sammy Sack.

What is a Sammy Sack? The bestest and neatest jogger stroller accessory out there and it is made in the USA (talk about local, it is from the Seattle area). It is a weatherproof outside with a fleece lined interior that buckles onto your stroller quickly. The baby/child has a warm place to tuck their feet into, the shell repels water and wind and no worries about blankets falling off. When Ford was little we did a lot of trail walking with his jogger and I ended up with nasty muddy/wet fleece blankets that he kicked off or slipped off and then, bam, went under the back wheel(s) and were useless. No kicking this one off – it is attached to the stroller! It also cinches up over the leg area so that it can tighter as needed.

As for the hike/walk/stroll Kirk and I took Walker out on? Quite nice! Rain had been predicted all day and instead it was an unseasonable 55° (warm!) and no rain. Well no sun but still quite pleasant crossing the many trestle bridges of the Cedar River here in Washington State.

It was a nice way to get out before making Christmas dinner.

Hope everyone had a great weekend and with the Solstice passed, lets start the countdown to longer days and spring 😀