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Recipe Ideas for New Years Day Weekend

Hoping to hear that some of our readers will be getting out this coming weekend (maybe the snow will slow down for some of us!). New Years Day is often a snowshoeing day for us, getting out and loving the snow till we freeze – then we head home. Good way to clear the mind for the new year – and better than hitting the overcrowded gym on Saturday!

Need ideas for meals to pack?


FBC style Cherry Chicken Couscous is easy and no cleanup:

FBC style Pizza Ramen is trashy good food. Consider it guilty pleasure fast food for the backcountry…..

One pot style Spicy Tuna Linguine sticks to the ribs and will fill you up nicely.

One pot style Harvest Pasta is a great vegetarian friendly meal (leave out the cheese for vegan):

Trail snacks that pack some fat and energy, yet easy to eat? Easy Nut and Chocolate Truffles:

Dessert? How about Mocha Pudding. In winter making pudding is easy as can be!

Or Chocolate Pretzel Bark. It will disappear quickly in a group!

Have fun and be safe!