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Recipes For The New Year and Beyond

Welcoming in 2011….wow. Is it 2011 already? Do I want to admit that this coming summer will be my 20th high school reunion? Eek! I think hiking is better to think about than that…..hah! I can say one thing though….every year I get requests from our great readers asking about healthier options for trail meals. Maybe it is the sun coming back and the days getting longer but suddenly the “Mashed Taters Smothered In Meat/Cheese” falls to the side for say a tasty wrap full of chicken and fresh vegetables or a filling but light feeling vegetarian dish!

This months issue of Washington Trails is featuring 3 new recipes by us with that theme in our Trail Eats column:

The recipes are ‘Carrot Cake in a Bowl‘, ‘Lentil Soft Tacos‘ and ‘One Pot Chickpea Pasta‘ on page 36. If you are not a subscriber yet please consider it for yourself or loved ones – WTA (Washington Trails Association) is a fantastic non-profit dedicated to the outdoors!

Now onto the recipes to give our readers some more ideas for the coming months. They are a mix of FBC (Freezer Bag Cooking), One Pot Meals and no-cook – so something for everyone!

Asian Chicken Slaw Wraps:

Cranberry Almond Tabouli:

Honey Mustard Pasta Salad:

Spicy Cheesy Rice and Beans:

Greens and Noodles:

Pesto Tomato Pasta:

Vanilla Trail Mix Pudding:


3 thoughts on “Recipes For The New Year and Beyond

  1. Hey, we would love it if you would share some tips about trail food with us at OutdoorBabyNetwork. We have a section dedicated to trail food.

    The wraps and the greens noodle look great.

  2. I made the carrot cake a few days ago and really liked it. It seemed like it would feed 2 people, at least in a warm house when I haven’t been hiking all day, so I made it again and divided it into 2 packages for my collection of ready-to-grab backpacking food that I keep on hand in case I can find some unsuspecting soul to go on a backpack trip in this crummy, wintry weather. It would even pass for breakfast since it doesn’t have any more sugar in it than other foods with oatmeal in them. Thanks for another great recipe!

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