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In The News and New Recipes

The current issue of Washington Trails has been out for awhile now and we have 3 new recipes in the January/February 2011 issue in our ‘Trail Eats‘ column.

One Pot Chickpea Pasta is a delicious vegetarian friendly one pot dish:

Carrot Cake In A Bowl, a twist on oatmeal for breakfast:

The third recipe is for Soft Lentil Tacos, a fun take on trail tacos! For that one you have to go get a copy!

Our other news? Just showing up is the March 2011 issue of Backpacker Magazine to mailboxes and newsstands. Sarah and Cat along with a couple of good friends/hiking partners did a lot of gear testing this past summer/fall. A lot of testing.Thanks go out to Jared, Lynn and Steve (and Cat) for all their help – you peeps are stellar! So what was all that gear testing about? Cookware (not shocking, eh?). A lot of cookware! From hard anodized aluminum, stainless steel to titanium we saw it all. And abused it!

Check out the 2 page article on pages 52 and 53. I can say one thing: I have no desire ever, ever, ever to cook dozens of eggs again over canister stoves. It was quite an honor to be asked to do the article (and an incentive to get others on the trail!) Be sure to read the sidebar for a couple of my favorite items. So go! Get yer copy! I didn’t put my hiking partners into slaveitude for fun (oh wait, yes I did)…it was for your benefit. Research and all that 😉 .

~Sarah and Kirk

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