Cheapie Deals For The Outdoor Baby

For any of our readers with little ones now is the time to be buying up the warm stuff (cause I don’t care what any one says – winter out here doesn’t end till like May!). REI in particular has some very good deals going online and in store.

I picked up Walker a new winter bunting suit, the Columbia Little D (Dinosaur! Rowr!) for under $18 in Azul blue.

And a closeup:

It is replacing his other Columbia one that I had scored at a used baby gear store for a couple $’s. A good deal though at $18, they are well made and will last. REI has it appears all the buntings on sale including the down ones (do a search for ‘bunting’ or ‘insulated suits’). Walker will be swimming in his new 18 month one for awhile but is toasty when we go out for a walksie.

REI also has some of their baby, toddler and older kids fleece jackets and vests on sale. I know, I know….$22.50 for a REI Boulder Ridge vest is insane to spend but they are so handsome….Walker loves the snug fit and having free arms for getting into trouble. I was in REI this afternoon and the color I had bought 2 weeks ago had been marked down – REI refunded me the difference so I got it for $15.93 instead. Very nice! While I was in there today I couldn’t pass up getting a REI Boulder Ridge fleece jacket. They had also been marked down and what caught my eye was that they don’t have hoods. Walker is not enamored with hoods (unlike when Ford was little, he loved them.) I scored an 18 month in Indigo Blue for $19.93. I wash his vests at least twice a week and they hold up well – and at least locally REI vests and jackets are vastly popular for being bought by the baby shops used. The adorable down vests are also on clearance. Must.Not.Be.Tempted!

Also, if you are thinking about getting a little one out in a jogger stroller this is the time to buy! BOB has announced that they have all new models coming out next month for 2011 and that means the 2010’s are being put in clearance. REI isn’t the only one doing it but REI has a lot to choose from. Though the new colors are looking nice, considerably more modern!


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