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Food Find: Breakfast On The Go

Showing up in stores are the 5 pack boxes of Emerald Breakfast On The Go. The 3 flavors we found were “Berry Nut Blend”. “S’mores Nut Blend” and “Breakfast Nut Blend”:

Each packet is 1.5 ounces:

We tried out the Breakfast Nut Blend as it was artificial dye free, the S’mores one isn’t (marshmallows often contain coloring). Each bag is a large handful of nuts, fruit and granola clusters. Pleasantly flavored with a nice texture, just watch the nuts – some can be a bit hard so if you have dental work chew carefully (I am always cautious about chomping down!)

Still the packets are a nice addition to ones snack bag. Find them in the nut or snack aisle in stores. We found them on sale for $3 a box.


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