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Gear Find: Before You Laugh, Consider It

What is up with the blog title? Well when I came across the PBnJ Sippy Pal strap system I was thinking about Walker. Walker has quite the right hook. And left hook. He has become a pro at breaking glass bottles and losing toys while we are out (heck he loves breaking bottles at home if you give him the chance…..). A couple weeks ago I came across the Sippy Pal in the baby section at Kohl’s and thought about it. For $6 it seemed a good deal. (It is on sale for $4.20 it appears right now).

And it has worked perfectly. It clamps down on the object and can be clipped around whatever is immobile. Today for example Walker and I got out for a long walk on a rare sunny winter day and I watched as he tossed his bottle many times over the side. No bending over. Woooo. Thank you.

But here is where it also works. If you use Nalgene or similar water bottles and have low cut side pack pockets you know the risk of bending over and having your bottles fall out (or on this trip said bottle shot out to never be seen again). Or trying to put a water bottle back into the pocket and it misses, you drop it and it rolls down the hillside leaving you cursing as you retrieve the stupid bottle with a trekking pole. Oh that has never happened to you? Lucky you 😉 Maybe I am just special. Or something. Anyhow, the Sippy Pal strap works perfectly with water bottles. You won’t drop another bottle, just clip it onto your pack!

The strap is easy to use and can fit a variety of objects and is non-slip on the inside.


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