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Food Find: Tasty Bite’s Chickpeas

Shelf stable chickpeas (garbanzo beans)? Tasty Bite has another shelf stable product out there, in its normal ‘tort’ packaging. I found it at Whole Foods, in with the ‘ethnic foods’. It is part of the ‘Meal Inspirations’ line, which features ready to serve legumes and grains.

Chunky Chickpeas:

The chickpeas are vegetarian (I’d call them vegan as well), Kosher and gluten free for those who have dietary concerns. As you can see from the nutritional stats they are a powerhouse:

Protein, fiber and more – these Indian inspired pre-seasoned legumes will make a rice dish better when hiking. They are not light, one of the only real drawbacks, a package is 8 ounces but is 2 very large servings (and beans FILL you up quicker than meat, 4-ounces is a lot!). It isn’t much worse weight wise over carrying a 7-ounce pouch of chicken.

The other drawback is getting over the color of the beans, due to the seasonings. It is worth overlooking that, the taste/texture is very nice.


3 thoughts on “Food Find: Tasty Bite’s Chickpeas

  1. Dude. Tasty Bite has some seriously good and quick food. At least one of their products now figures into every camping trip of mine. Yum!

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