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MSR Skillet – Craving Pancakes?

Over the past couple months we have tested out the MSR Quick Skillet. I know, I know…a skillet is something that when going lightweight one would be shamed for even dreaming about it. But let me put it this way: this is the BEST backpacking skillet/frypan I have ever used. It is almost worth getting the look down the nose that says “I cannot believe you packed that thing but oh wow, hey, you going to eat all those hotcakes yourself?”

At a shy 6 ounces (5.9 ounces to be technical) it is relatively light in comparison to most frypans. It is also deep sided (2.5″ high) meaning you can actually grill fish or a can o’ SpamĀ® without losing any over the sides. At 7.75″ across it is also plenty wide enough for 2 hikers to share. The slickness inside is what will get you though. Nothing stuck. Not fried on eggs, pancakes or even a weird fruit/biscuit scramble I was trying to develop. Paper towel wipe out. And made in Thailand, not China. It retails for $29.95.

The skillet nestles on the bottom of a couple MSR sets as well, making packing easy. For example, it fits with my MSR Quick 2 set. If you are really into the gourmet side of cooking this is a great addition to your existing sets of any brand. As a bonus the skillet uses the same Talon handle as the pots do, with the simple click in to attach. And if are already carrying a Quick set you can carry just one handle.

The only real drawbacks is with the handle – with the pot sets the handle flips over and locks the set together. On the skillet the handle folds over but flops, as it has nothing to rest against. While it is a bother, you just have to remember to take the handle off the pot instead of folding it and carrying it separately.And as well, avoid use on uncontrolled alcohol flame stoves, the Talon handle is plastic. Consider it a great choice for canister stoves.

And for a better long term storage of any non-stick pot/skillet if you are carrying it nestled against other metal, line it with a clean paper towel. It prevents scratches but also keeps your pots clean!


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