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Speaking Of Pancakes: Bruce’s Sweet Potato Pancakes

Do you love pancakes? Sweet Potatoes? Having both together in an easy to use package? I know I do! I came across Bruce’s Complete Sweet Potato Mix in a 6-ounce package at Cost Plus World Market on a recent trip and after checking the ingredients I was happy to see I could eat them (no artificial coloring added, always a bonus!) For those of you with no local CPWM, Bruce’s sells directly online. The 12 pack of the bags is a good deal (considerably less than you pay at the store!) The pouch is enough to serve 1-2 hungry hikers and only needs water to mix it up. For ease consider mixing it up in a zip-top bag, you can cut the corner off and squeeze the pancakes out into your pan.

Also used was a sandwich oil packet (the canola oil blend takes heat better and has no extra flavor like olive) and a bag of maple syrup granules that can be easily made into maple syrup.

For the fry pan I used the MSR Quick Skillet mentioned earlier in the week.

You can be pretty and make tiny pancakes or be lazy and dump a bunch of batter in. Your choice! In the background you can see the maple syrup rehydrating, you want to give it a good 15 minutes for best results, especially in cooler weather.

We have been reviewing the components of the redesigned MSR Alpine Kitchen set and used the folding spatula. It folds into a reasonable size but is still big enough to use. While I like it I have to say my heart lies in the more heat resistant silicone spatulas…but the advantage to the nylon spatula is weight and size. Hard to beat that – but with all nylon spatulas keep them away from direct flame or touching a hot pan for extended periods.

Now them pancakes? They cook up perfectly. No need to baby, just a low flame and plenty of oil/slick non-stick pan and a hungry appetite. They smell delicious when cooking and taste even better.

Check them out – you may well love them!


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