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A Morning Hike And A Food Find As Well

There is little as lovely as bright blue skies on a mid February morning here in the Pacific Northwest. And if you don’t take advantage of it you will hate yourself later when it is back to drizzly gray in March! I met up with a couple lovely ladies who all have babies (3 and 5 month old cutie girls) and even a husband of one came along. We wandered and rambled along, no real goal but to be outside enjoying that sunny weather (though quite cold in the shade). We did a local hike on Cougar Mountain, which is part of the Issaquah Alps.

Walker in his new Deuter Kid Comfort III, passed out and happy. A little fresh air does wonders for the wee set….if you have any interest in seeing what I pack for Walker, I wrote an entry over on Gazing In, which is my personal blog. On a side note with Walker nearly 11 months old he fits the large Deuter well now. Walker’s nickname is Bowling Ball Buns (Triple B, yo!), being that he is a Clydesdale Junior, so when we moved him to a back carrier, well….ultra light versions didn’t cut it. It has been more than a few years since I carried a 30 lb pack. And at least 7 years since I carried a 40 lb pack. The pack did a fine job though and carries the weight easily.

Winter is still here but if you stood still long enough you could see the tiny birds fluttering around in the green moss.

It was a nice morning of just hopscotching around various trails, making our own route. We even saw a little remnant snow in the shadows.

And followed a small babbling brook:

We stopped for a break at one point and Walker had woken up – he was talking to me and patting my head with his hands. I noticed I could see us in my retractable mirror that is clipped onto the pack. He was excited – there were tons of dogs and even horses out to watch going by. And 3 babies being worn gets a lot of people stopping, doing double takes and lots of cooing – it was just really wonderful to see so many HAPPY people out today!

I snacked on a Corazonas Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Square. The squares come in 5 flavors and are little powerhouses that weigh in at 1.76 ounces each.

190 calories, 6 grams fat, 110 mg sodium, 5 grams fiber and 6 grams protein – and they are soft and stay soft in the cold. Not only all that but they have a nice pleasant taste – light chocolate flavor, not overly sweet. The only downside is the bars are recommend for carrying at 75° and less, so not a great choice for hot areas. Otherwise quite good! These can be found in natural food stores

So a sunny day spent with son 2 in the outdoors and munching on tasty trail food. Exactly what I needed!


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