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A Sunny Sunday Hike With The Family

Kirk and I took the boys out for a quick family hike this afternoon. It was still blue skies aplenty but threatening to change…so not a day to waste! It got down to around 23° last night and was still definitely chilly out all day. We decided on the close in Nolte State Park which is the home of Deep Lake and the trail that goes around it. I realized the last time I was out there I was quite pregnant with Walker, last winter when I got the clearance I could walk once in awhile. It was nice getting a chance to take him out to this park, it is a favorite of mine in the off season.

Someone happy while getting in his carrier:

When the wind wasn’t blowing it was actually quite warm in the sun. The shade was a different story, even saw some hoar frost. Deep Lake though is always a pretty lake to wander along.

For some reason Ford didn’t want to take a swim. Too cold? Heh…..

Wandering through the woods….

The guys ahead of me. I was enjoying a quiet walk while Walker played the drums on my head….

The curve of the lake is a dark but nice place to stop for a few moments:

And as always, electric green moss covers the maples:

We carried on and started to walk again, going around the back of the lake:

The park definitely lost many branches and even some trees this winter, the rangers had been out working though, clearing quite a bit. As always, me catching up to Ford and Kirk:

If one wants there is many short side trails down to the lake or you can enjoy the views through the trees as you walk:

Walker and I posing at the inlet stream:

Not a long hike by any means but a lovely day out with my guys!