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Monday Morning Hiking – Always A Great Way To Start The Week

My friend HikerMama had emailed me last night wondering if I was free today. The good weather was on the wane but the first half of the day looked to be decent enough. Three hikes in three days? Oh sure, it had been way too long since I got to pull that off (2009? Before baby to say the least). So I packed up the truck and told Ford that lucky him, with it being mid-winter break, he got to go hiking with Mom and Brother Walker. Hehheh! We met up with HM and her husband and two children at the trailhead. We picked a close in hike again, one to avoid snow but also to make it easier on the kids (hers are 4 and 8). We ended up choosing a random loop of sorts on Tiger Mountain from High Point Trailhead which I had managed to never visit even though most weekends half of Seattle is often there (it is only 20 miles out of Seattle up I-90). I usually hike on the lesser used other side of Tiger. But being a Monday (even though it was a holiday) it wasn’t bad really. Lots of people out like us, but still not overly packed, you could enjoy the trails and not see many people. My kind of day!

After three hikes with the new Deuter pack I am happy with my choice. Walker isn’t light and it has carried well so far. We shall see of course, but so far I am happy.

Since it was a hike with lots of kids I let Ford wear an iPod as we hiked and he was in rock heaven 😉 Bribery is a good thing at times. Not easy being a teen and I am sure hanging with Mom isn’t the coolest thing out there.

The trees in some parts of Tiger are quite pretty and often shockingly tall for an area that has been repeatedly logged (and still is actively logged in certain sections). Pockets of forest that if you ignored where you are at you might feel farther out in the Mountains rather than in the Issaquah Alps.

All that be-bopping down the trail put someone in slumber land where he was happily snoozing for much of the hike.

As I mentioned the forests can be very charming – open and well lit.

After going through a number of trails we encountered Round Lake which I had not visited before. Looking up you can see the ridge that forms Tiger, high above. It was tempting I can tell you to go running off for the top.

There is a nice area at the end of the lake with benches to sit and take a break. It was very popular with both humans and woofers to go swimming/chasing sticks. Quite enjoyable stop!

As we circled back to the trailhead we made a stop at the “Old Bus” and of course Ford loved poking through it. What boy doesn’t love doing that?

We finished our hike with a stroll along Tradition Lake:

The weather held the whole hike though near the end it was clouded over and a cold wind coming up. The good weather was nearly gone and as we drove home rain started coming down a bit, going over the low pass back to home even a slushy snow fell. Back to winter? I suppose so. But it was a nice weather streak while it lasted!


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