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Commercial Meal Review: Adventure Eggs

I’d say that the biggest complained about food item for the outdoors is dried eggs. Not that this is a new issue – folks have been complaining for decades about how they suck. Modern trail cookbooks rarely call for eggs or tell you to pack fresh ones in, but if you start reading up the vintage 70’s and 80’s books powdered eggs were called for a lot. And no one liked them. For good reason….they resembled eating textured cardboard often. Even worse are freeze-dried eggs, otherwise known as Styrofoam pellets of egg flavor….

In the last two or so years there have been new choices coming out and they don’t resemble the old stuff!

We were sent packages of Adventure Egg™’s Anywhere Scrambles™ recently to review. The packaging is modern – a re-closeable zip-top flexible bag with a gusseted bottom. Each package has 6 eggs worth of eggs and retails for $5.50, making it comparable to similar brands of pure eggs (nothing extra added), such as Ova Easy Eggs.

The eggs are fresh in appearance and aroma, don’t be put off though with how yellow they are – this is common in dried eggs. The eggs are fully pasteurized for food safety and portability and yes, are fully shelf stable!

While not noted on the package if you are making the entire bag you can easily add in the water (1 cup water for the whole package) and stir it briskly. I let it sit for a couple minutes and then sealed the bag tightly (using the zip-top) and shook it really good to mix up any remaining powder. Then I heated up a Tablespoon (1 packet) worth of canola oil and heated it over a medium flame, in a non-stick pan. Pour the eggs in and start gently scrambling, they cook up quickly.

Ford enjoyed his share with cheese all over the top. Lovely taste, not watery – they resemble a fresh egg cooked up (unlike scary low grade dried egg powder used in buffets……)

They work perfectly in nearly all recipes calling for fresh eggs and all recipes calling for whole dried eggs.

Want to know how to steam eggs and not use any oil or mess up a pan? See the Fauxbaker over on TrailCooking for an easy way!

Recipes? Ideas? Breakfast burritos are one favorite of mine to use dried eggs for. You can cook up a bags worth and spoon them onto flour tortillas with salsa and cheese and whatever else you crave – easy way to feed a large group and stretch out ingredients. Also good in Fried Rice and Spam-Tastic Fried Rice.


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