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The Return Of Tater Tuesday

Teresa “Dicentra” Black, of One Pan Wonders, and I are long time hiking partners – and when we hike together all we do is talk about food, cooking gear, hiking gear, food, recipes, food and yeah more food. (I even took the cover photo Teresa used on her first book, One Pan Wonders ~ Backcountry Cooking at its Finest). If you don’t like hearing about food…hike ahead or don’t hike with us is my only warning.The guys never seem to mind since they figure they will get good food while hiking….

Me on the left, Teresa on the right, above Big Crow Basin on the Pacific Crest Trail.

Recently we were chatting about the thing I used to do: Tater Tuesday. Every Tuesday for a long time I would put up a new recipe glorifying one of my favorite starches – taters! They were indulgent recipes, comfort food for a rainy cold night in camp. Teresa asked me recently if I minded is she brought it back. Heck no! There can never be enough recipes with potatoes 🙂 So keep an eye out if you follow hiking forums and on Facebook – new recipes are popping up. And Teresa has inspired me to maybe get back and start creating more. We inspire each other!

Some of the MANY recipes that were posted during the time I did Tater Tuesday:

Potato Cheese Chowder

Greens & Reds

Chicken Ranch Tater Trash-erole

Balsamic Vinaigrette Mashers

Cheesy Bacon Mashers

Alfredo Mashers

Colcannon Mashers

Cheesy Bacon Onion Mashers

Mashed Potato Burritos

Sunrise Mashers

Creamy Potato Soup

Also good are:

Sasquatch’s Taters

Herb Beef with Mushroom Gravy


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  1. Tried the Cheesy Bacon Mashers last year on a Spring Break trip to Big Bend. They were such a hit, that I have been prepping them all year for Scout camping trips (my son and his friends requested them), Scout cooking training at meetings, and our family outings all year. Thanks for the recipe, and now I want to try some of the other tater recipes…heading back to Big Bend in 2 weeks.

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