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An Afternoon Along The River

What started out as an afternoon stroll with Kirk and Walker turned into a nice hike/walk for the baby and I. And I did it in cotton. And lived to come back and bore you all with my tale 😉 Gasp!

The weather has finally started warming up and was actually drying out – after the dump-a-thon we had the past couple weeks of snow. Much appreciated! We went out on one of the local rail to trails, The Cedar River Trail, as we had Walker in his jogger stroller.

As we strolled along I could smell spring coming – and the birds are coming back as well. We stopped on one of the trestle bridges and I was rambling about how great it would be to hike to the end and Kirk said “go, I’ll pick you up.” So at this view we parted ways and Walker and I continued on. Kirk hiked back to the van and then drove around to the terminus of the trail.

I am not sure when I last hiked this section. Ford and I used to often walk it in off season. It might have been 2008 or 2009, not sure. Change had happened though. Bridges had been rebuilt, some access to the river has now been prohibited (not a bad thing, the area was near one trestle bridge and was pretty abused by people partying and tearing up the area). Along one pretty area on the river a picnic table sits now with a view.

One of the small brackish lakes along the rail grade:

Walker dozed part of the way and then watched as we walked. He has a sunroof on his jogger stroller’s canopy and was watching the sun flitter through the trees.

The moss is usually the one thing that stands out in winter. Deep, popping green it coats everything, especially the maples. Soon though the trees will be back in bloom.

We headed down the final grade (or would that be up? Yeah, more like up!) and rounded the final bend to the terminus of the trail at Landsburg where Kirk was waiting for us. Digging through the van I discovered a stale granola bar that Ford had missed so had a snack 😉

So I survived 5 ¾ miles with 18 ounces of water, no snacks and wearing a near complete outfit of cotton. It was epic I tell you! Of course had I been truly starving I could have eaten Walker’s large supply of formula and baby food and made a jacket out of his spare diapers if it had started raining – super absorbent UL jacket in no time! 😉

All in all, better than sitting inside and dreaming of summer….