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A Food Find Not Quite As Scary As Spam Spread, But Pretty Close

For some reason a month or two ago I had picked up a tin of goose pate at Cost Plus World Market. Not sure what I was thinking exactly – it wasn’t like I was going to eat it! Soooo…”Hey Ford, got something for you try!”

The tin is 3.4 ounces with a pop-top on the back (so similar to canned chicken). It is produced by Giovanni’s Appetizing Food and I am sure there are plenty of people who love stuff like this. Like my Mom. She looooved chicken livers, marrow in bones and really loved goose. She’d have been thrilled to try it out. So I had her grandchild try it instead who due to my constant use of him as a food tester, has never developed the “that is soooo gross, Mom!”

I served up the fine pate with another food find, Special K’s new chips:

I figured I’d at least buy chips I would find good 😉 And yeah, the new chips are fantastic. Crunchy, tasty and have a nice helping of 3 grams of fiber per serving. And if they crumb out, no loss….sprinkle them over rice dishes for crunch. The Sour Cream and Onion flavor is also a tasty treat. I came across the chips on a wall display at Wal-Mart, they should be showing up in grocery stores by now.

So back to the pate. Upon opening the can it is an interesting gelatin texture, if you stir it up it becomes almost mousse like. The smell of Port and spices is prominent. The texture is airy and it spreads wonderfully onto tortillas, bread, etc but can also be scooped up as well.

Can’t say it won Ford over, but then again….Goose is a strongly flavored bird and pate is a learned taste. If you go for this kind of treat it is shelf stable and easy to pack/eat. The can serves 2 nicely.

Now about that Spam Spread? Don’t make me bring that back! Though I am sure some of you will now be looking for those little cans o’ love!


2 thoughts on “A Food Find Not Quite As Scary As Spam Spread, But Pretty Close

  1. I hope when you opened the can and stirred it up it looked mousse-like, rather than mouse-like. You should always return to the store cans that have rodents in them!
    Always enjoy your blog – you have some great ideas and insights on trail food!

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