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Deliteful Socks Indeed and Even Better Insoles

This past weekend we were down at the local Road Runner Sports as I needed a new pair of the custom fitted insoles they make – of which have changed dramatically how I walk and hike. The insoles have shown me where my pressure points are, along with other issues. The insoles might seem gimmicky but after 6 months or so I can say that yes, they work. They work well.

The ones I had were shot though. On Saturday I had been out walking and by mile 5 my toes were complaining, I could tell they were nearly gone. I use them a lot and I walk a lot, hard miles on pavement around town especially. They fit so well that it is hard to not use them daily! The retail price though isn’t cheap, in the $70’s for a pair. We are VIP members, so the price is cheaper, in the $60’s. Anyhow for some reason that I have no idea why, after they fitted me and got the insoles ready, the man helping me, Justin, told me the insoles were on the house. Wow. Talk about awesome! That made my day, especially after I slipped them into my trail runners and it felt like heaven again. And on the VIP membership, if you sign up online it is $1.99 and is usable online or in stores. If you sign up in the store it is around $20 for the same thing! We have more than gotten our money back in the past year of being customers – and the local store has really nice employees.

So with spare change burning a hole in my pocket I wandered over to the ample Injinji sock wall. I have a thing for Injinji socks. A huge thing. I started wearing them back in 2008 – and found the benefits of the socks immediately. (Which I am sure a number of our readers have heard me over and over and over yakking about my love affair with them). If I don’t wear them when hiking or doing long walks I pay – with toe blisters. Wear them and my feet are happy as can be. It wasn’t like I “needed” more of them…I could wear them daily with how many pairs I have. But then I saw them:

The rainbow version in mini-crew height. Ooooohhhhh. How I had been looking for those for so long. Not the shortie height, but neither hiking sock height. That height that trail runners scream in joy for (OK, maybe that was me squealing in joy, but you never know.) Add in the VIP price discount and then another 10% off for in store special I got them for a great price.

I broke one of the pairs in today, Walker and I went to town (me pushing his jogger stroller) and did 5+ miles. They were perfect. The lower cut was more comfortable than the hiking cut and my tootsies were happy!


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  1. Who doesn’t love toe socks?! I don’t like hiking without them either but all of mine are gray or white so I think it’s time to go shopping… 😛

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