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Food Find: Krave Jerky Turkey Basil Citrus

Recent food find at Cost Plus World Market was Krave Jerky. Jerky in crazy, modern flavors? Oh yeah! In Turkey, Beef and even Pork versions this is jerky for those with adventurous taste buds!

I picked up a bag of Turkey Basil Citrus for us to try:

The jerky is moist and almost a bit sticky, but lovingly encrusted with flavor:

It is a mild jerky that is easy on the teeth and jaw. It would be fantastic diced up and added to peanut noodles, or pad thai. The jerky is natural as well (a bonus for me – most jerky I cannot eat due to the preservatives). No preservatives as mentioned, no artificial flavor or coloring either. Just turkey breast, sweeteners and flavorings.

It isn’t often that when I eat jerky I get excited but this is an interesting combo. The whole sweet/savory is fantastic tasting. And World Market is selling the packages for about a $1 less than suggested retail. It isn’t cheap but is well worth it as a “treat” on the trail ($6 a bag)

Not all the flavors though are natural so do read the packaging!


3 thoughts on “Food Find: Krave Jerky Turkey Basil Citrus

  1. I am so excited to read such a great review of our Basil Citrus Turkey Jerky! We just got in to Cost Plus just a few weeks ago and where hoping to reach fantastic customers like your self with our great flavors. We just completed our recipes for the beef Jerky’s to be all natural as well. Please email me back with your address and we would love to make you a sample pack for your generous comments.

    Thanks and Krave on! Jens Hoj

  2. Hi Sarah- just found Krave jerky at Cost Plus yesterday and bought the Turkey basil citrus. VERY TASTY! Ha…only two small pieces made it all the way home with me. 😛 I’ll be near Cost Plus tomorrow and have a $10 coupon, guessing I’ll be buying more Krave.

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