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Cheapie Gear Find: New Balance Trekking Poles

Looking for an affordable pair of trekking poles? We came across New Balance branded poles at Target for $19.99. Yes, under $20!

The set includes the poles, rubber tips (though I have yet to meet anyone who doesn’t lose those within minutes….), small baskets and winter baskets. Are they the lightest poles? Well no but hey, we are talking $20! If you have children to outfit or you like extra gear on hand for friends….this is a deal to consider. The handles are nice, with a non-slip grip that should shed sweat well. And as with typical hiking poles they are 3 part compact for taking up less space when traveling.

The poles are not in the “hiking/camping” section in Target stores, rather they are a couple aisles over in the gym and workout section – consider this, Target carries trekking poles in the camping section for $30 that are heavier and only have one set of baskets. I have learned over the years you can often find serviceable items hidden in unrelated areas.

They are also carried on Amazon as well: New Balance Walking Poles.


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