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Tater Tuesday: Hiking On St. Patrick Day Anyone?

Tater Tuesday and St. Patrick’s Day week? As far as I know I have no Irish in me but that doesn’t stop me from having fun with inspired dishes. And you won’t find any dyed green taters here….hah!

First up is an oldie recipe that I created a couple years ago – and it has been featured before on Tater Tuesday but isn’t a well known recipe on our website. Cabbage isn’t a vegetable people think about when they start packing up trail meals….

Colcannon Mashers:

So what is Colcannon? Like many ethnic recipes it is loosely based and varies by the cook but is based on potatoes. I have long loved it with cabbage and carrots added and a little bacon added in is never a bad thing….

Then just for you all I created a new recipe:

Bangers N’ Mash

It took me this many years to find a worthy project for Vienna Sausages and I finally did:

Don’t be too scared, OK? The Vienna Sausages only want to love you. I didn’t say it was a true recipe, I said “inspired” 😀