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Another Shout Out For Sunbutter Spread

Ford and I went to the Seattle VegFest 2011 yesterday (got there early to avoid the crush – it is a very popular event). As with past years Sunbutter was a featured product and I walked away with 4 1.1-ounce packets for future use.

I have reviewed Sunbutter in the past – I love the stuff (I first tried it back in 2009). As mentioned it is smooth, creamy and neither too sweet or salty. It is fantastic and great for people with allergies!But beyond that what I really like is that it doesn’t taste as “heavy” as peanut or almond butter. On a hot summer day that can be more refreshing with lunch.

It comes in 1.5 ounce tubs for a larger serving and you can find the 1.1-ounce packets at Packitgourmet as well. Now if only Minimus carried it!


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