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Food Find: Zebra Marshmallows

Love soft pillowy marshmallows? Drizzled in chocolate? In a resealable mylar bag? And that the marshmallows are dye free? Well hello, I know I do!

I came across Zebra Marshmallows at Walmart, hidden in with the marshmallows. The Walmart I was at was the middle sized ones, not a Super Center but the ones with a full grocery store.

A full size bag that is generously sized. The smell of vanilla is intense as you open the package:

Soft marshmallow with a crispy chocolate over them:

Fabulous finger sized marshmallows – and yes they make great smores! And did I mention they are dye free? Even better! (Side note, most marshmallows sold in the US have artificial blue dye added….yuck)


One thought on “Food Find: Zebra Marshmallows

  1. Sarah,

    I was just told about these marshmallows and looked them up, only to find your post!! I was laughing like mad!! Your description, and the close up pictures………what a laugh it was. Thanks for posting this. Can’t wait to go get them!!! Lisa

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