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Food Find: Jello Chocolate Mousse Mix

Another recent find was for Jello Chocolate Mousse Mix:

New to the market it isn’t up on Jello’s website yet. Find the boxes next to the regular instant pudding (we found it at Walmart). It also comes in Caramel flavor though that wasn’t being sold there.

Easy to make, you can do it on trail. Each 3.2 ounce box calls for 1 cup of cold milk so use 1 cup cold water (streams are often cold enough for this if in the mountains) + 1/3 cup dry milk (non-fat works fine). The best option is to mix the dry mousse mix and dry milk in a quart freezer bag until dessert time. For best results pick up a backpacker friendly wire whisk (these can be found at dollar stores normally – they are super tiny and light – often sold for using in home bars for making drinks) and then whick away for a good 4-5 minutes. You can prop the bag into a “bowl” if careful. The pudding will thicken after a couple minutes. Then let the pudding chill sealed in the creek for a few minutes to finish setting up.

Ta-da! Tasty!

OK, yeah, it isn’t super healthy by any means (it is instant pudding after all) but it is cheap and fun to make – and is tastier than heavy instant pudding.

I also noticed that Jello has brought out a new line of three flavors called “Temptations by Jello” which are a more gourmet version of the above mousse. Only thing is those mixes have artificial coloring added so I had to pass on it. They did look fun though.


3 thoughts on “Food Find: Jello Chocolate Mousse Mix

  1. I just made some of this and it’s yummy. So I googled it to see if there were any recipes and that’s when I saw that it’s not even on Jello’s website, which I thought was strange.
    But I’m starting to notice a little bit of an aftertaste.

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