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Trail Friendly Snacks: Gluten Free and Vegan Quinoa Raisin Drops

While baking a project this afternoon (on a very rainy day) it occurred to me that the results were perfect hiking food. Portable, healthy and portion controlled. And so healthy the squirrels will be attacking you….

While they look like cookies they are not quite that. A blend of savory and sweet in a cookie shape that is more like a biscuit. Gluten free and vegan, they are packed with the power of quinoa flakes and flaxseed meal. Find the recipe for Quinoa Raisin Drops on my personal blog, Gazing In.

For those of you retching into your wastebasket over the prospects of eating quinoa n’ flaxseed fiber-fest you can go make the piggy worthy Cran-Mac Caramel Bars instead:

Somethin’ fer everyone!